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SlideShowPro has closed

Effective January 9th, 2015, we are no longer selling or supporting SlideShowPro products. After nearly ten years, the time has come for us to shut down and move on.

How and when this closure will affect you depends on which products and services you currently use, as explained in the following timeline.

January 9, 2015 — New licenses for SlideShowPro for Flash, SlideShowPro for Lightroom, ThumbGrid, and the self-hosted version of SlideShowPro Director are no longer available for purchase. New subscriptions and renewals for our service are also no longer available.

February 9, 2015 — Any subscription expiring between January 9, 2015 and February 9, 2015 will be extended (for free) through February 9th. This provides anyone with a soon-to-expire subscription additional time to replace slideshow content on their site.

February 9, 2015 - December 1, 2015 — subscriptions expiring during this period may not be renewed or extended and will cease to function on their assigned expiration date.

December 1, 2015 — All remaining subscriptions will be terminated and the service will be completely discontinued. Refunds for unused time will be offered to anyone with a subscription set to expire after December 1st. We also plan on shutting down the SlideShowPro Account Center and forums on this date as well.

Not sure when your subscription expires? Sign-in to your Account Center profile and click the Subscriptions tab to find out. We will also be emailing all active subscribers this information as well.

What will happen to my SlideShowPro Director installation?

All self-install versions of SlideShowPro Director will continue to function for as long as they are capable of doing so. Shutting down SlideShowPro on our end will have no affect on your installation. That said, we will no longer be providing technical support or updates for SlideShowPro Director, and encourage existing users to seek out alternatives.

Are my slideshows going to start breaking?

No. Any slideshows created with the Flash component, Lightroom plugin, or with an installation of SlideShowPro Director on your own server will continue functioning as normal. Slideshows embedded from our service will however cease to function sometime between February 9th and December 1st, depending on when your subscription expires.

Can I get a subscription refund?

Any subscription that expires after December 1st will be offered a refund for unused time. If that includes you, expect to receive more information in December.

What about the images I uploaded to

If you'd like to start transitioning away from today you may download your original images anytime. Simply double-click on any image inside an album, then click the download button to retrieve your uploaded image file.

If you'd like a single ZIP archive of all your originals, contact us and provide your domain name (for example, ""). We'll respond with a link to the archive when it is ready. Please note that depending on the size of your account it may take a few days to process.

Can I still access the Account Center?

Yes. You may sign-in to the Account Center to download invoices, product updates, or activation keys. New product purchases are not enabled, however. We intend to keep the Account Center active at least through the end of 2015.

Have you considered selling SlideShowPro to a third party?

No plans are in place to sell our products/services to an outside individual or company, but we would certainly entertain an offer if an interested party were to step forward.

Any slideshow player replacements you can offer?

If you use WordPress, check their plugins directory. You should find a number of options there. Otherwise, you might have a look at Juicebox and Cincopa. We haven't used either product, nor do we have a relationship, but we've seen their names being offered by others in the community.

I have questions!

Feel free to contact us anytime at

Why did you close?

Active development on SlideShowPro effectively ended in 2011. Faced with the rapid ascent of mobile devices, the continous decline of the Flash Player plugin, as well as the commoditization of slideshows thanks to free jQuery plugins and HTML5/CSS3, we felt it wasn't possible to continue supporting a business predicated on Flash-based technology or the publication of slideshows in general.

We could have shut down SlideShowPro then and there, but after years of development and countless updates our products were stable, mature, and continued to enjoy relative popularity. That said, the writing was on the wall, and we knew the migration away from SlideShowPro would only continue. We quietly supported the products without further development to allow the long-tail of technological obsolescence to run its course in the gentlest way possible.

There are still a number of users who continue to use SlideShowPro products today, but the most users have moved on. It's time for everyone remaining (including ourselves) to do so as well.

Parting words

We'd like to thank each and every SlideShowPro user who was part of this amazing journey with us. SlideShowPro changed our lives, and was one hell of a ride, good times and bad. We learned an immeasurable amount developing, maintaining, and supporting SlideShowPro all these years, and look forward to seeing what's next.