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SlideShowPro is fully bootstrapped, with zero outside investment. We've been profitable since day one.

Over 90,000 people have purchased software from SlideShowPro.

SlideShowPro Director is currently installed on nearly 75,000 web servers.

Over 4,000,000 photos and videos have been uploaded to our SlideShowPro.com subscription service.

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About SlideShowPro

SlideShowPro's software is used to create photo galleries, slideshows, portfolios, and video players for tens of thousands of web sites. The platform includes a rich content management system, embeddable media players for Flash, Apple iOS and Android, plus desktop Flash components and Lightroom plugins for even greater creative opportunities.

The SlideShowPro story

In 2004, Todd Dominey was designing and developing golf tournament web sites for the PGA and needed a way for the editorial staff to remotely publish the latest photos. Hoping for a pre-built solution, Todd looked but couldn't find anything suitable. So he coded his own. Inspired by what he'd built, Todd worked in his spare time to develop an entirely new photo gallery and slideshow Flash component he could use for his own freelance projects and maybe sell a few copies to other Flash developers. He named it "SlideShowPro", and offered it for sale online in early 2005.

Thanks to strong word-of-mouth referrals, sales of the Flash component were strong and continued to climb. It was soon thereafter that Todd met Brad Daily, a customer and developer who (also in his spare time) had coded an application to manage photos and publish data for Todd's Flash component. Energized by the potential of what they had built, Todd and Brad quit their full time jobs and joined forces to work on SlideShowPro in mid-2007.

Today, SlideShowPro has grown from a single Flash component to a media publishing platform used by thousands of web designers, developers, and photographers the world over.

Meet the team

Todd Dominey

Todd Dominey

Founder & CEO

Todd Dominey, in his role as company founder & CEO, is responsible for all product design, marketing, communications, and continues to develop the core SlideShowPro Player that started it all.

Before SlideShowPro, Todd handled marketing and media relations for two performing arts groups, worked nights as a public radio DJ, wrote numerous music-related features and artist interviews for print publications, worked as a graphic designer in print advertising, designed and developed tournament web sites for the PGA, was the Creative Director of Super Deluxe (now part of Adult Swim at Turner Broadcasting), helped write a book on CSS, and has been a featured speaker at conferences including SXSW and An Event Apart.

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Brad Daily

Brad Daily


As SlideShowPro's CTO, Brad Daily leads development of SlideShowPro Director as well as operations for the SlideShowPro.com service.

Before joining SlideShowPro, Brad worked in multimedia production and web development for a variety of organizations in the United States and Canada. In 2005, he released SSPAdmin, a simple content management system for SlideShowPro which would eventually become the basis for SlideShowPro Director the next year. He lives in Nixa, Missouri, with his wife Nora and their dog Pepper.

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Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith

Senior Web Application Engineer

Lauren began his professional web career in 2005 and has been loving it ever since. Over the years he's had the fortunate opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of clients, from Fortune 500 companies down to week-old startups. When he isn't connected to a computer you can usually find him behind an Xbox or somewhere in Colorado. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife and their three dogs.