By Todd Dominey | Posted Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 12:03 pm

Announcing SlideShowPro Mobile

SlideShowPro Mobile

Note (7/14/2010): SlideShowPro Director 1.5 beta, which includes SlideShowPro Mobile, is now available.

Chances are by now you’re probably aware of the fact that the Adobe Flash Player is not available on mobile devices manufactured by Apple — including the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. There are a variety of opinions on the topic, which you’ll have no trouble finding online, but one thing is for certain. Because the SlideShowPro player utilizes the Flash Player plugin, any slideshows, photo galleries or video players you create will not be viewable on these devices. And unless something changes with Apple’s relationship with Adobe, they may never be.

Two months ago we chimed in with our own thoughts on Flash, with the added promise that (as a business) we would continue to develop products that solved real problems for our customers, regardless of technology or how people accessed the internet. Today we’re delivering on that promise.

SlideShowPro Mobile is an entirely new media player built using HTML5 that doesn’t require the Flash Player plugin and can serve as a fallback for users accessing your web sites using these devices. But it’s not just any fallback — it’s specially designed for touch interfaces and smaller screen sizes. So it looks nothing like the SlideShowPro player and more like a native application that’s intuitive, easy to use, and just feels right.

The best part though is that because SlideShowPro Director (which will be required) publishes the mobile content, you’ll be able to provide the mobile alternative by simply updating the Flash Player embed code in your HTML documents. And just like when using the SlideShowPro player, because Director is behind the scenes, all your photos will be published for the target dimensions of these devices — which gives your users top quality, first generation images. The mobile player will automatically load whatever content is assigned to the Flash version, so the same content will be accessible to any browser accessing your web site.

We’re currently putting the finishing touches on a public beta for the mobile player, and will be providing more information on that in the next few weeks. For now though, click the image below to watch a 10 minute overview video. Enjoy!

Watch video

(Photo top credit: Erin Purcell. Creative Commons, some rights reserved.)

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