By Todd Dominey | Posted Monday, December 20, 2010 at 11:19 am

SlideShowPro Director plugin for WordPress now available

Today we’re releasing a public beta of a new WordPress plugin for inserting photos and videos from SlideShowPro Director. Here’s a screenshot of what the main interface looks like:

Director plugin

It’s all very easy and straightforward. Simply click the SlideShowPro arrow icon while editing a blog post and a dialogue will appear displaying your most recently uploaded photos/videos (above).

To insert a photo or video, click its thumbnail. An overlay window will appear (screenshot below). If your WordPress theme supports it, the plugin will detect the width of your blog post column and offer a proportionally scaled size. This makes the inserted photo flush with the left and right sides of your blog posts. If not, or you want to insert a different size or format, you can do that too. Titles, captions and hyperlinks are pulled in from SlideShowPro Director, which can be edited or erased.

Director plugin

For videos, the plugin supports H.264, FLV and F4V. If embedding an H.264 video, and the person viewing your blog is using a modern web browser that supports HTML5 video and H.264 playback (which includes nearly all except Firefox and older versions of IE), the video will be displayed using the browser’s native video player. If HTML5 playback isn’t possible, the Flash-based SlideShowPro Player is used as a fallback. Below is a screenshot of an embedded H.264 video in Chrome:

Video example

This WordPress plugin is 100% free and compatible with SlideShowPro Director 1.5 or higher (and all SlideShowPro.com subscriptions). Simply enter your Director API info, save, and go!

This plugin is technically a beta, so there will almost certainly be some kinks that need ironing out. Once a final release is ready we’ll post it to the WordPress plugin directory so everyone can download / update the plugin automatically.

Want to help kick the tires? Click the button below. For manual installation instructions, click here.

Note: Some of you may be wondering…wait a second…wasn’t this supposed to be a feature of SlidePress 2? Yes, back in October we teased photo/video inserting from SlideShowPro Director as one of SlidePress 2’s planned features. But since then we decided the functionality would be better served through a standalone plugin. Both plugins will work just fine alongside each other.

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