SlideShowPro Director

SlideShowPro Director

Content management and universal slideshow publishing for desktops, Apple iOS and Android.

Two ways to use

SlideShowPro Director is a content management and publishing application that runs in your web browser. Use it to display (on any web site) desktop and mobile-friendly slideshows of your photos and videos, or extend it with Flash components and Lightroom plugins for even greater creative control. Director helps you do more with the web sites you create.

How SlideShowPro Director works

What you can do with SlideShowPro Director, right out of the box.


SlideShowPro Director can be installed at most web hosts (see requirements) or subscribed to through us with a monthly subscription. Hosting subscribers receive unlimited bandwidth, storage space and automatic (cloud-based) backups. Whether you choose to host Director yourself or through us, installation and setup only takes a few minutes.



Upload photos/videos to SlideShowPro Director through your web browser or with our free Adobe Lightroom export plugin. SlideShowPro Director stores your originals then publishes everything from small thumbnails to huge, beautiful full screen photos automatically and on-demand. This provides top-notch photo quality across all desktops and mobile devices.


Slideshow ordering is as easy as drag and drop. Or for a more automated solution, turn-on auto sorting — all content will be automatically sorted by your selected criteria (file name, date captured, or date uploaded). Auto sorting remains active, so any future uploads are ordered accordingly.

Embed slideshow


Publishing a slideshow of your photos and videos couldn't be easier. With SlideShowPro Director, the SlideShowPro Player is built-in, with multiple color styles and options to choose from (including transitions, pan/zoom, and more). SlideShowPro Director publishes embed code for you to copy & paste into any HTML document.

View site


When embedded, your site has a dynamic slideshow that displays the SlideShowPro Player on the desktop, and — as a Flash alternative for Apple iOS and Android devices — a preview poster that (when clicked) takes the user to an HTML5 mobile player containing all the same content. Content in the mobile player is presented full-frame and with easy to use touch controls (including swipe).



With SlideShowPro Director installed and publishing slideshows, updates are a breeze. Need to update an embedded slideshow? Edit the album or gallery being displayed. You can remotely update and control your slideshow anytime and from anywhere. Updates to SlideShowPro Director itself are downloaded and installed with one click.

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