ThumbGrid 2

Custom thumbnail interfaces for the SlideShowPro Player Flash component.

Designed to meet the needs of Flash developers, ThumbGrid expands the range of creative possibilities in the SlideShowPro Player for Flash with an external, fully customizable thumbnail navigation for browsing slideshow content. ThumbGrid is lightweight, flexible, and unlocks an infinite array of custom interface possibilities.

Size examples

Wide, skinny, short or tall

ThumbGrid can be any width and height. Just like the SlideShowPro Player, you may transform the component's dimensions to anything you want. ThumbGrid will automatically adjust its layout to accommodate. Thumbnails are ordered on a grid, horizontally or vertically, across however many rows and columns you want. If more thumbnails are loaded than room allows, the thumbnails overflow into additional groups which can be accessed on mouse-over, your own external buttons, or Flash's UIScrollBar component.


Navigate with your own buttons

Sometimes not having a feature is a feature. ThumbGrid focuses on the presentation of thumbnails, so it does not include embedded navigation buttons to re-skin, replace, or hide. You simply create your own, add them to your movie, and hook them up with some very light ActionScript. Or you can just use the mouse pointer to navigate the grid. It's up to you.

Gallery screen

Browse multiple albums and their content

In addition to album content, ThumbGrid can display a gallery of albums. Gallery screen thumbnails can be uniquely sized, and display inline album titles (more on that below). Click a gallery thumbnail, and the interface switches to display thumbnails of the album's content. Or you can display the gallery screen only and let thumbnail clicks load albums in the SlideShowPro Player (effectively using ThumbGrid as a gallery browser).

SlideShowPro Director

Built for SlideShowPro Director

SlideShowPro Director publishes all the thumbnail images ThumbGrid needs, automatically. So you're free to experiment with different thumbnail layouts, styles and sizes without worrying about making images. Director does it for you. Custom Flash slideshows built using SlideShowPro Player for Flash and ThumbGrid are fully compatible with Director's HTML5 mobile fallback player.


Display inline or layered titles

Also new in ThumbGrid 2 is the display of video and photo titles with thumbnails. You can display them inline, layered, or only show the layer style on mouse-over. Whichever style you choose, you have full control over their position and background color (mouse-over colors too), plus text size, typeface, alignment, and more.


ThumbGrid is sold for $39 (single user) or $195 (corporate license). A Single User license allows you to install and use the product on two computers owned and used exclusively by you (for example, a desktop and laptop computer). A Corporate license can be shared between an unlimited number of employees at a single company / organization; even if the employees work at different physical locations.

Try before you buy!

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Single User: $39
($15 upgrade from 1.0)

Corporate: $195
($75 upgrade from 1.0)

What's the difference between Single User and Corporate? See our "plain English" licensing.


31 Adobe Flash CS3 or higher plus SlideShowPro Player for Flash (AS3 version).

Recent Examples

See for yourself some of the amazing things the SlideShowPro community has built using ThumbGrid in conjunction with SlideShowPro Player for Flash and our CMS system SlideShowPro Director.