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Latest versions

  • SlideShowPro Director
    Released: 8/19/12
  • SlideShowPro Player for Flash
    Released: 8/8/11
  • SlideShowPro Player for Lightroom (Build 7088)
    Released: 8/29/11
  • ThumbGrid
    Released: 10/14/10

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Featured support content

Slideshow publishing with SlideShowPro Director 1.5

Get up to speed with the new universal slideshow publishing for Flash, Apple iOS and Android that's now part of SlideShowPro Director 1.5. We recommend reading both the general overview as well as the quick start to learn how to publish a slideshow for your web site with ease.

More featured Director support documents

  • Upgrading Director to 1.5
    Have an old installation of SlideShowPro Director on your web site that doesn't automatically update? See this document for upgrade instructions.
  • Installing Lightroom to Director plugin
    Director comes with a free export plugin for Lightroom that allows you to upload photos right from your Lightroom Library. This doc explains how to set it up.

Getting started documents

  • The SlideShowPro Player
    The SlideShowPro Player is our core Flash slideshow and photo gallery product that's published by SlideShowPro Director and offered separately as a Flash component, Lightroom plugin, and SWF. Learn more about the player.
  • ThumbGrid style guide
    Need a visual reference for which parameter controls which element inside ThumbGrid? We provide a series of diagrams here.

Developer documentation

  • SlideShowPro Director API
    If you know a little PHP, the world is your oyster with SlideShowPro Director's developer API. Click the link above to learn how to use it.
  • SlideShowPro Player API
    Get creative with the SlideShowPro Player's API. All available methods, events and parameters are documented with examples.